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Solid waste is primarily categorized into two groups: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Industrial Solid Waste. MSW is generated from households, offices, schools, commercial sectors as well as public areas such as parks and streets.

This website aims at promoting 3Rs of MSW in Fiji and other southern Pacific island countries by introducing various cases of 3R related activities in Fiji.


The 3R’s stand for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

It is getting difficult to find suitable places for final disposal sites anywhere in the world. In addition, it costs a lot to construct a new disposal site with proper facilities. It is important for us to operate current disposal sites such as Naboro landfill in Suva and Vunato properly and for as long as possible.













In the page, How to Promote the 3Rs?", we introduce various cases in which municipalities, communities, commercial sectors, and schools promote 3R activities in Fiji, so that you can refer to these cases when you try to promote 3R activities by yourself in your councils, companies, communities, or schools.

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Cases of 3R activities at home



3R activities by commercial sectors such as hotels and supermarkets



3R activities initiated by communities



School programs promoting 3Rs